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The UK Government and Construction industry have an aim to move towards a Digital Built Britain (BIM Level 3) as set out by The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills who have unveiled the strategic plan for BIM Level 3. This sets out how to create a high performing and transparent digital infrastructure in the way we plan, design, build and maintain our built environment leading towards greater efficiency and profitability and ensuring reliability is sustainable.

The target date for publicly funded projects is 2019

The UK Government expects full collaboration between all construction partners by 2019. Simply put, this means using a single source shared project model held in a central location, accessible by all parties involved in the project who should be able to modify the same model. Currently known as OpenBIM, BIM Level 3 is the only model which will fully connect the supply and data chain from start to finish creating end to end efficiencies throughout the whole life cycle.

This event has been created to look at the step up to BIM Level 3 and the challenges and issues on the lead up.

The supply chain has to be transparent and cooperate within the relationships between conceptual, design, planning, construction and whole life cycle stages. However there will be challenges, not least on ownership and liability.

BIM Level 3 will be a big leap – Having to focus on the concepts of big data, openBIM and the sharing of information, the event will look copywrite wrangles created by ownership read/write permission issues and will also investigate the subject of liability & shared risk by inviting discussion on procurement routes.

This one day conference will help you to gain valuable insights from leading experts and early trail blazers of BIM Level 3 so you gain practical advice, see best practice and go away with valuable knowledge you need in moving BIM forward within your organisation.

We bring together experts for our speaker line up from industry, law, government and academia to discuss ‘
BIM LEVEL 3 & Beyond – Moving toward 2019
and how we join forces to tackle the challenges and reap the rewards BIM Level 3 has to offer.
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