Sales & Marketing

Sales Strategy 

We help B2B sales organisations to develop a strategic approach to growing sales. We do this by helping you address specific concerns from a detailed assessment , then working with  you to produce targeted practical solutions and sales strategies.

Areas such as:

  • Identifying your value proposition
  • unblocking sales processes
  • Lead management
  • Securing future pipelines
  • improving conversion rates
  • Improving skills

Improving Sales Skills

We provide you with the practical tools and techniques to attack business development and empower your sales teams to sell the way clients want to buy from you.  Upskilling and re-energising your team to win. 

We create bespoke training relevant to your industry by using your company's products, services and people.

  • Courses are tailored to your needs and can be aimed at any level from new to sales,  advanced selling and sales management
  • We spend two consultancy days getting to know your business and sales function inside and out
  • Each course typically lasts between two days and a week
  • Each course is followed by supportive coaching and mentoring

Routes to Market

We help business owners and senior managers to identify new opportunities for growth and look at what initiatives are currently working and what's not.

We review  your target market and then we  assist you to unlock the different routes to reach them.

Achieve your sales goals using a variety of sales routes and tools such as; CRM, social media, direct mail/collateral. email, content and blog marketing, cold calls, conference and trade shows and show your sales people how to adapt to new ways of thinking.

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